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Off Road Adventures in Wild Rhodope Mountains!

Starting from the village Volakas Drama, for one, two or more days to discover the unique beauty route through the forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls etc. To live a unique adventure moments and see many rare species in a region with unique biodiversity, this area declared a Natural Monument.

 The forest of Simida, the virgin forest of Fraktou, Waterfalls, the river cave of Aggitis the snowpit Falakro, holding snow even in August, the Menikio and Orvilos mountains and many more waiting to be explored through unique gravel roads covering all requirements. No one can claim to know the mountainous of Greece, if not discovered the mountains of Drama.

 The mountain of Drama is an unexpected discovery, even for those who have familiarity with alternative routes.

 Routes made to serve the most demanding lovers of off road routes, but also for those that simply wanting to come in touch with nature.

For everything you are interested we are ready to provide you, you can choose routes with 4x4 for two or three people, families, friends and also tours for groups and more than 10 people

See our suggested excursions, off road trails for hiking, biking, canoe and kayak on lakes and rivers, but even for observation of birds, flowers and other rare species.

You can choose from our programs, do not hesitate to contact us to organize a trip in your needs.

Off Road Individually

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Off Road for Families - Groups

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Off Road & Hiking
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Off Road & Watching
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4x4 Trip in Rhodope Mountains
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4x4 Trip in Falakro & Menikio
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